Adventure Cycling Tours

Cycle Odyssey was made for adventure cycling tours! Our bikes are MTB and made for off-road. Do you enjoy riding in the dirt? Do you enjoy coming down the hill on an MTB trail? Then you have found a great place to feed your dreams!

Mangalore coast is a great place with some wonderful hills full of off-road trails. When the beach and villages get boring, we head to the hills for some dirt action. It’s a decent ride to the hills that are around, but once we are there, it’s all fun and games. Although, it’s not necessary that we go to hills all the time to get some fun off-road action. We have several trails all along the map. Some with climbs, some without. Choose your trails and we will make that happen!

Ride to Kondemula

Alright, this one’s a hill and a long ride. So, come only if you are ready to pedal to the medal. If you ain’t tuff, this ain’t for you. But if you put in the efforts, this place is crazy fun. It’s a forest-like area with many uphills and downhills and all of them are completely ruff terrain. Once you have gone far enough, you will notice the entire area go green with brown ruff terrain under your feet to ride as you like. Want to see how tuff you are? Let’s ride this trail.

Ride to Pilarkhana Forest.

If you are new to MTB, if you are new to off-road cycling or want to take it easy but still have some terrain fun, then we suggest this trail for you. Its fun, it’s off-road, and it’s fairly easy. But… but, it’s super beautiful! As the name makes it obvious, this is a first area, a small one (without wild animals) but still a forest area. So, do get ready to cycle into a deep green and visit a beautiful old temple of Shiva in the middle of this forest.