Cultural Cycling Tours

The towns of Coastal Karnataka are probably the most interesting. The culture, people, festivals, all these make this part of Karnataka both beautiful and intriguing. Which is why our cultural cycling tours around these places are worthwhile. We have all kinds of cycling tours :

  • Do you want to just go around the town and have a look at the beautiful lifestyle of people? Checked
  • Would you like to visit some old beautiful temples with amazing history and know more about the culture of the place you are in? Checked
  • How about going to festivals and watch the town’s exclusive cultural activities? Checked

We don’t just offer you rides, but an in-depth tour of the places you visit. You will hear about and experience the historical and cultural background of the places we take you to. Experience the glory of this amazing part of the southern coastal part of India and feel part of it! 

Ride to Mattu

Mattu is a beautiful village full of greenery. You will not only see the beauty of this town but you will also visit a couple of temples and know the history of the place we are riding in. This town and the history of it is very old and very interesting. Regular festivals and programs keep happening in the temples, so you will most likely end up seeing the local dance or festival while on this tour - finger crossed!

Ride To Haleyangadi

Another beautiful village is known for its simplicity and breathtaking vistas. The village is old and has a charm that you may not find in many places. The people are extremely welcoming and the ride is an absolute pleasure. It’s an easy relaxed ride where you will go into many smaller roads, cross many bridges and take many photos, thanks to the amazing picturesque place. You will visit a couple of temples and know about the history of the place and again, if the stars wish it for you, you might end up in the middle of a grand festival!